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About the Study

iCOMMS partner's with Cowater International (Cowater) in the World Bank project titled "Study on unlocking the potential of ICT services in the Water and Sanitation sector in Africa ". iCOMMS and Cowater will complete a regional study to build knowledge and develop guidelines for the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) tools and services in Africa. The study will also investigate the emerging uses of ICT across sectors in order to improve the planning, implementation, monitoring, management and regulation of water and sanitation systems and the overall accountability framework of the sector.

The following study objectives will be undertaken.

  1. Summarise the vast literature on ICT experiences in other sectors in order to translate lessons learnt into recommendations applicable to the WASH sector.
  2. Detail the experiences of ICT in the WASH sector to date, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of current initiatives, specifically in the area of scalability.
  3. Identify and analyze barriers and enabling factors of success in ICT adoption and scale up and develop a framework for assessment to support the design and evaluation of ICT components for WASH initiatives.
  4. Develop policy proposals, strategies, tools and guidelines to support the alignment of ICTs with sector requirements in the design, development, implementation and scale up of ICTs in the African WASH sector.
  5. Building on the successes of public/private partnerships in the WASH sector, identify opportunities for PPPs in the at scale use of ICT in the water and sanitation sector.
  6. Facilitate country peer-to-peer exchanges and regional learning network(s) to facilitate knowledge creation and dissemination.
  7. Develop a common framework for providing support to stakeholders to integrate and scale up use of ICT applications for improving water and sanitation services to the poor, bringing together the operations and knowledge departments of the World Bank Group.

The assessment and development of recommendations and guidelines is to be undertaken in a highly participatory manner with extensive stakeholder consultation and dialogue, including the World Bank‟s project team and Task Team Leader (TTL). iCOMMS and Cowater will ensure that the objectives of the assignment are met through a series of activities which seek to gain a deep understanding of the current situation, add to the current body of knowledge, and provide effective policy proposals, strategies, tools and guidelines to support the adoption and scale up of ICTs in the WASH sector.