Researcher Profile: H. Ali

Haji Ali

iCOMMS PhD Student | Email:

I am a PhD student in the ICT for Development and HPI Research School in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Cape Town.



Investigating mobile image-based reminder application to support compliance in tuberculosis treatment in developing countries

This research examines how mobile image-based reminder application can support compliance in tuberculosis treatment in Africa. Tuberculosis(TB) continues to be a major public health problem in developing countries. Almost eight million people are infected annually and more than one million die each year. Majority of TB patients fail to follow the medication procedures. As a result, the disease takes longer to be cured, and drugs may no longer be successful. However, different mobile based reminder methods (text messaging and telephone call) have been proposed but the approaches have limited use by some people. These interventions face challenges such as limited literacy and language barriers from the patients. This study aims to explore the mobile graphics-reminder applications that can support TB treatment. The study aims to push for notification services that are literacy-level and language agnostic in low resource settings.



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