Researcher Profile: N. Tunzine

Neidy Tunzine

iCOMMS Masters Student | Email:

My first postgraduate diploma was a BSC Honours in Computer engineer, by ISCTEM - Mozambique. During that time I gained a passion for ICT solutions to aid small Mozambican entrepreneurs to get the most out of Information Systems Technology. My final project at that time was a mobile solution to sell music and promote young musicians.

After my studies, I started my professional career. During that time, I was involved in understanding the business to create innovative IT solutions, processes to support them, and to use stored data to provide valuable insights to decision-makers. My professional career helped me understand that exposure to different markets and ideas leads to innovation. This led me to further my studies.

In 2016, I joined the iCOMMS Team to pursue a BCom Honours in Information Systems. My interest for innovation using ICTs was the main drive to research the use of Design Thinking for Software Development.

Design Thinking attracted my attention because of the reports of organisations that had successfully implemented innovative ideas and established themselves as the benchmark of their industry. The undertaken research informed managers, practitioners and researchers about the use of Design Thinking for Software Development. It also highlighted areas of future research.

Influenced by the iCOMMS Team, I am motivated to apply some of the knowledge gained in the past to pursue research on the use of ICTs for sustainability, especially in the Water Sector, where a lot of effort has been put in place to support initiatives that lead to efficient and sustainable management of water resources.



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