Tapfuma Pashapa

Tapfuma Pashapa

Current Position    

PhD Student at the University of Cape Town 

Research Title    

The effect of ICT Diffusion on Rurality and Service Delivery  

Research Overview    

Distance and sparse population are the main development barriers to development in rural areas because of the higher costs of providing and maintaining services. ICTs facilitate connection to the outside world. Amongst other benefits, ICTs encourage community participation, provide timeous responses to service interruptions and they act as a medium for accessing public services. The study aims to investigate how access and use of ICTs transforms South African rurality. A spatial rurality index is adapted to quantify South African rurality.

Key Themes    

Rurality; ICT4D; South Africa   


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BSc (Hons) in Mathematics (Midlands State University); MPhil in Demography (University of Cape Town) 

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