New Publications!

5 Sep 2018 - 14:00

Our most recent publication was co-written by Ken Sinclair‐SmithSusan MosdellGisela KaiserZiyaad LallaLeandre SeptemberCollin MubadiroSarah RushmereKatherine RoderickJohanna BrühlMegan McLaren, and Martine Visser. It appears in the Journal of American Water Works Association. An overview of the article is provided below, with a link to the full text available here.

City of Cape Town's Water Map

Following three years of extreme drought, the City of Cape Town, South Africa, launched a novel and controversial water conservation initiative to promote water saving known as the Cape Town Water Map. The aim of the map is to encourage greater compliance with the stringent water restrictions implemented by the city as part of its “Avoid Day Zero” strategy. The map and related media campaign publicly identify and acknowledge households that are achieving water‐saving targets on an online map. This article describes the implementation of this behavior‐change initiative and examines household compliance with water‐saving targets during the period when the map was launched.