Researcher Profile: G. N. K. Amoako

Gordon N. K. Amoako

iCOMMS PhD Student | Email:

I am a PhD student within the iCOMMS Research Team. I also hold an MSc Degree.



Development of a Framework for ICT Performance Assessment in the Water Sector

The need to develop an evaluation framework for Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in the water sector of South Africa (SA) and other African countries has been highlighted by different authors (Champanis et al. 2013, Heeks et al. 2009). A stronger case is made for South Africa since the Department of Water Affairs (DWA) as part of its core thrust is to invest and expand ICT use. This research is aimed at developing a framework for evaluation of ICTs in the SA water sector based on indicators that cover technical, social and economic dimensions. The indicators are obtained from different institutions and stakeholders across the sector and other related institutions. These institutions cut across national, provincial and municipal levels of water management. This research will contribute to the knowledge of ICT evaluations and at the same time inform practice by improving the position of government and stakeholders on decisions regarding ICT investment, use and expansion.



  1. Gordon A., Rivett U. (2015): 'Towards the Development of Sustainable ICT Projects in Africa- A Review and Synthesis of Evaluation Frameworks'. The paper was presented at the African Conference on Information Systems and Technology (ACIST) 7 - 8 July 2015, Accra, Ghana.