Researcher Profile: B. Forlee

Bianca Forlee

iCOMMS Masters Student | Email:​

I graduated from UCT with a BSc in Civil Engineering and joined the iCOMMS Team in 2013. I am currently working for Mott MacDonald whilst completing my MCom Degree in Information Systems.



The value of information in municipalities: A South African Case Study in the Eastern Cape

Municipalities are the extension of national government and are responsible for implementing policy as well as delivering services to local communities. Providing services is a challenging task in itself, but worsened the geographical dispersion and low densities of rural communities. South Africa legislation encourages active civil engagement through public participation, however the country still experiences poor service delivery and “participation” takes form in protest action. Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) have gained popularity over the past few years to address inequalities in service delivery by promoting citizen participation and enhancing accountability and transparency of local government. The potential of ICTs in this environment have been met with eagerness, however, there are numerous examples of projects that fail to properly utilize ICTs and this results in projects with unintended consequences. This study seeks to understand the requirements of local municipalities to adopt an ICT tool and how the intervention would alter workflow in order to achieve improved service delivery.



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