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The Institute has been researching the South African consumer landscape for nearly two decades. This experience has taught us that consumer behaviour from all walks of life is continually changing. The economic slowdown, political uncertainty, new technology and an array of other variables mean that consumers are continuing having to adapt. Keeping abreast of such changes is a a real challenges to marketers.
Overview is a comprehensive look at the South African Consumer landscape. Combining over a decade of research, Overview is designed to help keep marketers ahead of the game by identify key shifts in consumer behaviour right across the socio-economic spectrum.

Training & Education:

Cell C turned their businesses around


Produced by the UCT Unilever Institute, this 50-minute film took a full year to make.…

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Branded is a two-part training DVD that aims to give viewers a comprehensive understanding of…

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South Africa’s burgeoning black middle class


Forerunners is an award-winning South African documentary, directed and filmed by Simon Wood from Saltpeter…

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As society changes, so do consumers’ aspirations, and it is up to us as marketers to understand and interpret these changes.

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Survey of 8,700 top end South Africans earning more than R100,000 per month

Top End

The Top End study is the largest and most comprehensive research project ever carried out…

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The baby boomer generation represents one of the biggest population 'bubbles' in the history of mankind.

Prime Time

In the United States of America the over 50’s represents over half of all disposable…

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SA consumer behaviour in hard times


This project trains the spotlight on current consumer behaviour of the research groupings that formed…

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Word of mouth marketing


Wildfire is a groundbreaking South African research project that explores the power of networks and…

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Young South African consumers (7-24yrs)

Trend Youth

Trend Youth investigates key trends relating to young South African consumers (aged between seven and…

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Understanding changing gender mindsets


Understanding changing gender mindsets is fundamental to understanding changing attitudes to brand choice, buying behaviour…

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